How did it all start?

The GLOBAL REGGAE BAR is the first and only reggae bar on the island of Ibiza famous for electronic music. The bar was founded in 2005 by its originator Mr Fish Selecta, a DJ, traveler and innkeeper.
“The inspiration for this bar was the very island and its energy, the demand for reggae music and actually no reggae bar there”, says Mr. Fish. “When I opened the GRB, making money was the last thing I was thinking about. I wanted to play reggae on the beach and I was crazy about doing it all day long … Money came later, much later and it wasn’t the most important thing because the years spent here and behind the bar, beach selections, drinks parties and folks I met here … all this stuff didn’t mean lots of dosh … Ibiza inspires you and gives you great opportunities but sets the bar high for anything you do there so we have a carefully selected menu, decoration or music played at the bar. The Balinese beach and people who work at the bar, often well-known reggae DJs, all of these contribute to the success of this place”.
Now the GRB is already the legendary Reggae Bar where the best reggae, dub and hip-hop artists performed. Many of them proudly wear popular branded “No Bad dayz” clothes and represent the GRB at festivals and events all over the world.
The GRB motto – No Bad Day, of which there are as many days as in the summer season – has become the hallmark of the reggae bar, and this is how this clothing brand was named. Its limited editions of T-shirts, vests, necklaces and bracelets made in Bali – the best quality materials are the best souvenir that everyone wants to take from Ibiza.
Until now, “No Bad Dayz” products could only be bought at the Rasta Shop located in the reggae bar and as many of you have asked about online shopping, also during the low season when the bar is closed, we are meeting your requests and giving you an online rasta shop where you can buy all “No Bad Dayz” products …

and the rest is up to you…